Title Tag Length in Pixels, Not Characters

Earlier this year, SEOs scrambled to shorten all their title tags in order to appease the new SERP changes by the almighty Google. While most internet users probably never noticed the changes, many SEOs scrambled to measure their title tag length in pixels and was reported early on by Screaming Frog. What were the new length requirements? How would this affect click-through rates? Would our SEO plugins be updated?

Before & after pixel width

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5 Backlinking Strategies That No Longer Work

It’s no secret in the world of SEO that backlinks are one of the most powerful ranking factors. In fact, some SEOs believe so strongly in backlinks that they place their entire focus on building more and more links to a client’s website. Although even Google’s web spam expert Matt Cutts admitted earlier this year that back links aren’t going away anytime soon, there have certainly been plenty of changes in the way back linking works over the years. If you are using any of the following backlinking strategies, then you are running a major risk of a future penalty for your site.

Reciprocal link exchange

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Why Google Authorship Still Matters

If you’ve been using Google lately—and let’s face it, who hasn’t been using Google lately—then you may have noticed the absence of those tiny smiling mugs of hundreds of authors. This is no coincidence. On June 25th, Google’s John Mueller announced on his Google+ page that Google Authorship was changing face. Literally.

Google Authorship screenshot

Mueller’s announcement revealed Google’s plans to remove author photos and author circle counts from the search results. According to his post, this is part of a big cleanup, and a push to be more mobile friendly. The author photos took up too much real estate, so they had to go. This, of course, left the SEO and content marketing worlds in an uproar, with more than a few conspiracy theories about increasing Google’s ad revenue.

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The Pros and Cons of Setting Up a Blogger Review Program

Business owners, small-scale artisans, webmasters, and other internet professionals, gather ’round. There’s something of varying popularity that’s worth discussing in detail, and that’s the blogger review program.

Finding the best way to get the word out

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you run a small-scale beauty care company with about 15-20 different products to treat both general and specific issues – like lotions for daily use as well as ones to treat eczema naturally or something similar.

Maybe at first, you started selling products to friends and family. It grew to friends of friends, maybe some teachers, and probably a few neighbors. You’ve got a website, social media, and a pretty loyal, if small following.

Whether these products are sold on Etsy, a custom website, or on Amazon, you’ve got a good product and you want to sell.

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