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A domain name is the first step in realizing your goal of building a website. The obvious choice when you want to register a domain name as it's the address that you'll use to push potential customers to your website and the information or products that you're offering. With the .COM domain being the most popular of all domain name extensions it's sometimes difficult to find cheap domain names that fit your business model.Thankfully there are many different domain name extensions to choose from such as (.COM, .NET and .CO).

These option give you many options when you're ready to register a domain name.The most recognized domain are obviously the .COM domain names but depending on what industry or even country you're in there are many other Top-Level domains to choose from. Say you are a non-profit or charity, a better option would be for you to register a domain name with the .ORG extension. The .ORG has become synonymous with an organization and has an inherent trust associated with it.Another extension that's gaining familiarity are the .CO domain names, which are a globally recognized extension.Finally there are domain extensions recognized in specific industries such as .BIZ for business, .US for US based companies and .INFO for information related websites. So when choosing to buy domain names there are a lot of different options available. Here's a link to a great article on the meaning of domain name extensions.We've covered quite a few different domain name extension options that are available through Website Spot so it's time to search domain names for a website address that works for you and your business or organization. Choosing Website Spot for your domain registration ensures that you'll receive 24-hour service and support at an affordable price.

If you've found that the perfect domain registration option is taken you could always use our domain backorder service to alert you if the current owner lets the domain name go. One you've found the perfect domain and completed the domain name registration you can always relay on Website Spot for website hosting, email services and internet marketing options for your new website.

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