Register Domain Names For Only $8.95!

Register Domain Names

Before you can start a website, you need to come up with a domain name. For many businesses, the domain name is the business name, something close to it or a good description of it. The domain name appears in the URL (website address) you see when your website is reached. Our domain name is the same as our business: First, you need to check to make sure the domain name you like is available. Look at the top of this page for our Domain Search tool. Type in the name you would like to use for your website in the box to see if the name is available. A new page will appear to tell you if it’s available. If it isn’t, it will show you some options you can use, like a similar spelling or a different extension instead of .com, such as .org or .us.

Purchase A Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting is a service that gets your website up and “live” on the internet for other people to find. Most of our web hosting plans offer unlimited space and bandwidth as well as the latest features in addition to Wordpress hosting. If your intentions are to run a shopping cart to sell products online we also offer industry leading SSL certificates which can also help boost your website in search engine results. Our web hosting services are the most secure there are against hacking. We guarantee 99.9% “uptime” — in other words, our websites will not crash short of a worldwide catastrophe. We can offer this kind of guarantee because we use next-generation hosting that allow us to seamlessly transfer web hosting to multiple datacenters we use around the globe. Even a James Bond criminal can’t keep up with us. We also keep security staff working 24/7 who keep our web hosting out of reach from the bad guys.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your website get recognized and ranked by the major search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Ask. We use SEO tools to help you boost your SEO visibility on the top search engines. Our easy-to-use tools will show you how to use keywords that will make your content (words) more SEO-rich, and how to use various website tools to boost these efforts. For example, you can name each page using keywords that describe the content on the page, making it easier for people to find your information. In addition to the DIY automated SEO software, we also offer professional SEO services in which we will do an audit on your website, provide recommendations on updates and upon approval, we'll fulfill the recommended changes. Whether you're looking for SEO services for an international website or simply looking for local search engine optimzation services, we have 20+ years experience and attend about five internet marketing conferences each year to stay on top of the latest trends.