A Little Something Extra: The Value of Personality in Social Media

Social media is one of the most important parts of your business or blog’s web presence. It helps you out on a technical side with SEO and marketing, but it also gives you an opportunity to connect with users in a very real way (however false it may sometimes feel).

The problem with social media is knowing who to be. You’re you, of course, but who is your blog? Who is your business?

Personality in Social Media

Dare to be different. You just might stand out.
Photo by Mike Pennington [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

What is their personality? Should they have a little pizzazz here and there, or should they be straight line and technical?

My opinion: pizzazz all the way.

Let’s talk about you for a minute.

When you were born, you had absolutely every opportunity in life at your disposal. Besides your parents, absolutely nothing had been determined yet. Every minute of your existence waited in front of you. Life was ripe.

As you aged, you experienced events, people, and moments that no one else on the planet has. Even if you were born a twin (or other multiple), your experiences were slightly different from that of the others due to relationship dynamics or even the fact that you were here and they were there.

So, from birth to now, you’ve experienced this path of existence that no one else has. You define unique, and have a gift to share with others, which is that you are evidence of your life path.

The Value of Personality in Social Media

YOU are what differentiates yourself from the rest of the world. YOU are what should differentiate your social media presence from the rest of the noise.

Many people are afraid of showing color, pattern, and texture in their social media pages. They don’t want to alienate people or get too chatty.

I understand that sentiment. It’s entirely valid and for some business pages, it’s a good perspective to have.

But for the rest, all you bloggers, small business owners, consultants, and more, share YOU with the world.

Why? This isn’t all about your life path and uniqueness. This is about the fact that humans are social creatures, connect with others in social ways, and engage in response to that. If your social media voice is cold, stilted, and technical, what is there for users to engage with on a personal level?

Remember: Facebook profiles are, first and foremost, personal sites. If you want people to share their true, honest, and personal thoughts with you, you have to give them that magnetic, social connection that draws them in.

Just remember that you are what sells your product or service. People might come for the other stuff at first, but they will stay there for you. Share your voice, experiences, and opinions freely, and they will want to be part of your little world.

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